Construction As-Builts



As-built surveys of anchor bolts are performed prior to erecting steel columns.  STRAUB will typically perform these surveys for the steel contractor, or for the bolt-installer – the cement contractor.  It is important to the construction schedule to recognize any deviations from the plans while there is time to correct any deficiencies.


STRAUB will locate the centerline of each bolt pattern and compare Observed Dimensions to Plan Dimensions and prepare a report and/or drawing for our client.


Additional services include:  Checking site control, foundation elevations and skew of bolt patterns where critical.

Site Improvements


Upon completion of a construction project, As Builts are often required to help the owner know how improvements were made relative to the plans.  As Builts may be also be required for submittal to a local government agency for approval and granting of an Occupancy Permit.


STRAUB uses high definition laser scanning and traditional survey methods to complete this requirement, including sewer invert measurements.

Building Pads


A Building Pad is the material placed below the footprint of a new building, and installed at a specific grade relative to the finished floor elevation of the new building.  As Built surveys are performed to insure the material is indeed with in the building footprint and to the correct grade.  If a pad is left low, it can cost the next contractor, who “accepts” the pad, thousands of dollars in materials to get the final construction to the plan elevation.


STRAUB is contracted by either the installer (usually the Site Contractor) or the General Contractor (GC) to survey the pad.  We recommend using high definition laser scanning to achieve this goal.


To the right is a sample of a Building Pad Survey that STRAUB performed for the General Contractor.  The Site Contractor had employed another surveying company to certify the pad elevations.  STRAUB was employed by the GC.  STRAUB’s elevations agreed with the other surveyor’s work on the 25’ grid the other surveyor shot.  However, our scan data, which essentially showed a surveyed point on a 1” grid, showed the pad to be short by over 120 CY of stone!


STRAUB saved the GC thousands of dollars in material costs.

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