High Definition 3D Laser Scanning

High Definition Laser Scanning allows STRAUB to collect millions of survey points for sites, buildings, hazardous waste areas, crime scenes, and even blimps.  Our Leica C-10 laser scanner has a range of up to 300 meters allowing us to collect accurate survey data from a distance.  The individual scans are sewn together to allow us to create point clouds, 3D Models and standard 2D drawings.  STRAUB can deliver files suitable for use in AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Solidworks and various BIM software. Check out the short videos below for a small sampling of our capabilities.

Existing Conditions / As-Builts

Volumetric Surveys

Construction Verification

Special Projects

Gateway Plaza - Cleveland, OH

Commercial Building Exterior Scan - 3D Point Cloud

Goodyear Airship Scan

Concrete Floor Flatness

Safely Survey Hazardous Waste Sites

Bowery Block Scan - Akron, OH


Tube Steel Scan (Photo)

This is a scan of tube steel taken from the ground.  The height of the steel was 380 feet above the scanner.  Note the detail!

The gray rectangle is a plane created on the surface of the tube steel created from averaging thousands of scan points.